Winning A Game Of Fortnite From The Edge Of Space

10. aug.. 2020
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Winning A Game Of Fortnite From The Edge Of Space
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  • *Winning A Game Of Fortnite From The Edge Of Space* subscribe :D

    KaidozKaidoz8 måneder siden
    • How do you breathe

      ChrisgamerprChrisgamerpr16 dager siden
    • Love your vids

      Kody RobinsonKody RobinsonMåned siden
    • lol

      RoamFNRoamFN2 måneder siden
    • Holy shit

      Destructive GamingDestructive Gaming2 måneder siden
    • This outside

      Buff NoobBuff Noob2 måneder siden
  • You beat faze rug

    Red NeckRed Neck7 timer siden
  • Wtf these graphics are worse than mobile graphics

    TylerHawkeyeTylerHawkeyeDag siden
  • I remember when you were a clickbaiter but now your doing mrbeast level content (unless it’s green screen)

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie2 dager siden
  • aliens be like: 👁👄👁

    Cele on SwitchCele on Switch3 dager siden
  • man has 8G connection above their

    De Trio FMDDe Trio FMD3 dager siden
  • OMG

    Veronica DorrallVeronica Dorrall4 dager siden
  • Is just me or did I just see a clown

    Harper KHarper K4 dager siden
  • Who elese only watched into space instead of the gameof fortnite

    MinecraftMinecraft5 dager siden
  • i think the alians were confused on why humans sent a small tv with a colerfull llama

    Yerrick AC EYerrick AC E6 dager siden
  • How can you see the game on earth when the game is in the space

    Alvin LindAlvin Lind6 dager siden
  • Yo you are a god can I add you

    Office RailmasterOffice Railmaster8 dager siden
  • I’ve been looking for a good editing app thx kaidoz

    NoiaazzNoiaazz9 dager siden
  • How would you get a signal a way up there you can't even get a 4G signal on a plane

    joshua cunninghamjoshua cunningham9 dager siden
  • He has space servers

    Bipo-Brawl StarsBipo-Brawl Stars12 dager siden
  • Bbbbbbot looobies

    John ROUSMANIEREJohn ROUSMANIERE12 dager siden
  • fake

    GFX NovaGFX Nova13 dager siden
  • Fortnite in space it is acceptable Just kidding it is amazing

    Jon BondJon Bond15 dager siden
  • 9:39 *pause*

    Subnautica cuddle fishSubnautica cuddle fish15 dager siden
  • He gets better quality than my switch

    Lane MayerLane Mayer16 dager siden
  • sud to Kaidoz

    Evan EdwardsEvan Edwards17 dager siden
  • If I ever did that I would be scared

    shadow Legendshadow Legend18 dager siden
  • You got lucky fortnite mobile got banned 2 days after you posted the video

    Replay GamingReplay Gaming18 dager siden
  • Pog

    UntitledGamerUntitledGamer19 dager siden
  • Pog

    Marias ZamoraMarias Zamora19 dager siden
  • How much s your Wi-Fi So good?

    lisaniiharalisaniihara19 dager siden
  • That’s a Nintendo switch

    lisaniiharalisaniihara19 dager siden
  • wow so cool

    #GonzaPlayz#GonzaPlayz19 dager siden
  • Toxic kid: BRO IS UR INTERNET IN SPACE Kaidoz:well about that...

    Alfie TullyAlfie Tully24 dager siden
  • This is the CRAZIEST thing anyone has ever done with a video game.

    Luke PLuke P24 dager siden
  • How did you get Wi-Fi in space

    Stuart NowakStuart Nowak25 dager siden
  • Wait

    Stuart NowakStuart Nowak25 dager siden
  • remember Jesus die on a cross and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all love

    pablo Hernandezpablo Hernandez26 dager siden
  • Omg 😱

    DLM_2674DLM_267427 dager siden
  • Best video ever

    James DeggJames Degg27 dager siden
  • How does his controller connect to that... Kinda sus

    Bunny BroBunny Bro29 dager siden

    Yeet XxicomxXYeet XxicomxX29 dager siden
  • I do

    martinplayzmartinplayz29 dager siden
  • That's my internet all the time

    Shane WhitmoreShane WhitmoreMåned siden
  • Lol when you run out of video ideas

    vortex wolfvortex wolfMåned siden
  • 10 years later winning a game on the moon

    vortex wolfvortex wolfMåned siden
  • Fake

    slick gamerslick gamerMåned siden
  • That was so epic. I CANT believe you pulled that off. Your my favourite fortnite NOworldr now.

    Joemaster PlaysJoemaster PlaysMåned siden
  • Dang thats insane!

    Ky DingmanKy DingmanMåned siden
  • Use I saw Yiu on a field on a walk

    Mini MongraalMini MongraalMåned siden
  • :D how

    Koby WaddingtonKoby WaddingtonMåned siden
  • When Mum says there's Earthly way you are playing that game

    SmeggygamerSmeggygamerMåned siden
  • I call it’s fake your phone won’t work in space lol

    macthek9macthek9Måned siden
    • Phones work in space astronauts did it before.

      rgh Esnrgh EsnMåned siden
  • He’s really not playing in space because he’s still on earth but the phone is in space

  • Imagine if elon mask comment on this video 😂

    Paulo LisingPaulo LisingMåned siden
  • okay bud that was insane

    Abel MendozaAbel MendozaMåned siden
  • This deserves 34M views

    NT2NT2Måned siden
  • Oh did epic make nasa servers

    Lucas HeatherlyLucas HeatherlyMåned siden
  • cap

    ツ اخقق البناتツ اخقق البناتMåned siden
    • how

      rgh Esnrgh EsnMåned siden
    • how

      Fishy manFishy manMåned siden
  • Not really in space he just super high up

    AtLeastI'mTrying AnimationsAtLeastI'mTrying AnimationsMåned siden
  • Question: if we did. do this. where would he get the internet???.

    • From earth, the earth is far away though so that is why he is lagging.

      rgh Esnrgh EsnMåned siden
    • he has his set up on land but the phone just shows the screen

      Fishy manFishy manMåned siden
  • Why do youtubers have to shout

    Renegade 2077Renegade 2077Måned siden
  • The biggest challenge is actually winning a game 😂😂

    ಠ_ಠಠ_ಠMåned siden
  • Kaidoz your now in fortnite history. Which means your the first player to play in outer space

    Antonio UganAntonio UganMåned siden
  • astronauts seeing tye phone from space: 👁👄👁???

    pixii ñåÿłāpixii ñåÿłāMåned siden
  • Everybody gangsta till a astroid hits the phone

    Arcade MatthewArcade MatthewMåned siden
  • That’s the first person to play Fortnite in Space

    Lanée LucarelliLanée LucarelliMåned siden
  • Imagine dying to a guy in space

    H2ORixxH2ORixxMåned siden
  • Entertaining children from space

    Brian PBrian PMåned siden
  • Kaidoz Love Your Videos Keep Up The Good Work Don't Stop if somebody is turning you down forget them because you don't deserve hate you deserve love because of all you've done for us

    Splash Twins Tik Tok PageSplash Twins Tik Tok PageMåned siden
  • It is fake you see the playstation button

    Some musicSome musicMåned siden
    • That's because he's using a playstation controller, how else would he play if His phone is in space?

      rgh Esnrgh EsnMåned siden
  • He not in space tf 🤣😅

    MofuzMofuzMåned siden
  • How do you have internet ???

    Bryson BeckmanBryson BeckmanMåned siden
    • From earth, earth is far from up there which explains how he is lagging.

      rgh Esnrgh EsnMåned siden
  • He is in space and has better ping than mine

    Safia GulSafia GulMåned siden
  • This is fake!!!

    Alicia DabelAlicia DabelMåned siden
  • Brk 1v1 me ur trash

    trisko _yttrisko _ytMåned siden
    • Ur so bad at this game 1v1 me

      trisko _yttrisko _ytMåned siden
  • Waaaaat dude-

    graphics controlgraphics controlMåned siden
  • Tutorial on how to get the White House’s internet

    NorradNorradMåned siden
  • Ty for fuze tv it helps me

    SellitsuttonSellitsuttonMåned siden
  • Ali a thumbnail

    CrynexlCrynexlMåned siden
  • Now you can say your phone has been to space.

    Brian FortBrian FortMåned siden
  • NASA be like: Victory Royale LETS GOOOO!!

  • Better than his normal ping

    Fionn McGuinnessFionn McGuinnessMåned siden
  • Well done 👏

    The Martin'sThe Martin'sMåned siden
  • How does this man only get 79,000 likes bro you should’ve got like to 2 Mill

    Coby WilsonCoby WilsonMåned siden
  • Ok bro this is cooll

    WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is me2 måneder siden
  • Bro yooo you are bettet Thebe bugha

    William Uddman PerssonWilliam Uddman Persson2 måneder siden
    • Yeeh i know

      William Uddman PerssonWilliam Uddman Persson2 måneder siden
  • In space

    TTVFloppydboss YTTTVFloppydboss YT2 måneder siden
  • But imagine if you were actually up there

    TTVFloppydboss YTTTVFloppydboss YT2 måneder siden
  • This is awesome I would be very very nervous if I did that

    TTVFloppydboss YTTTVFloppydboss YT2 måneder siden
  • I saw a video it said '''6 youtubers vs haters'' there was four youtubers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    lavender_ dreams gacha lifelavender_ dreams gacha life2 måneder siden
  • NOOO

    pro fortnite gamer Carvalhopro fortnite gamer Carvalho2 måneder siden
  • Nooooooooooooooo

    pro fortnite gamer Carvalhopro fortnite gamer Carvalho2 måneder siden
  • imagine if nasa saw the game with a sattelitte lol

    David JablonskiDavid Jablonski2 måneder siden
  • this is hands down the coolest thing ever

    Shadow SquidShadow Squid2 måneder siden
  • Someone trows a dart*- erer) edit: i thought he was in the balloon lmaoooo

    Reedy ColeReedy Cole2 måneder siden
  • I liked this video but I don’t play fortnite I wish before the ballon popes I wish we say the moon Not Venus Not mercury Not Mars Not Jupiter Not Saturn Not Uranus Not Neptune Not Pluto *wait Pluto’s a dwarf planet *

    The dancing bulldog BIG DRIPThe dancing bulldog BIG DRIP2 måneder siden
  • That's not my first time seeing space I am in MARS right now

    the black trap fortnite clanthe black trap fortnite clan2 måneder siden
  • World record

    san_the_chickensan_the_chicken2 måneder siden
  • Why not subscribing

    Vaida GelmanieneVaida Gelmaniene2 måneder siden
  • The drum gun is a ar

    Joshua BarryJoshua Barry2 måneder siden

    fedi listsfedi lists2 måneder siden
  • Henry is a Super Genius guy


    Whan BoonlarpWhan Boonlarp2 måneder siden
  • Elon musk will take you to Mars next