I Stream Sniped YouTubers until they 1v1 me on Fortnite...

9. jan.. 2021
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I Stream Sniped NOworldrs until they 1v1 me on Fortnite...
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  • *I Stream Sniped EVERY Fortnite NOworldr to 1v1 them...* subscribe :)

    KaidozKaidoz3 måneder siden
    • i am

      Jeremiah ObusehJeremiah Obuseh12 dager siden
    • Hi can you make me on my own skin and I am a girl with brown hair and brown eyes I do not have brown skin

      Joan VargasJoan Vargas15 dager siden
    • Raja in hindi(indian language)means king The more you know

      JIMMY UniverseJIMMY Universe26 dager siden
    • Oh

      Basketball GamerBasketball Gamer28 dager siden
    • @Redy Cool

      That GuyMattThat GuyMatt29 dager siden
  • I watched this 1v1 with typical gamer and nick eh 30 on live stream but i didn't know it was you

    Anitha ArunAnitha Arun3 dager siden
  • I love your vids so much

    Jessica LynnJessica Lynn9 dager siden
  • ow my days i got your skin

    raider boyraider boy18 dager siden
  • At the end I 1v1 TG an I’m not surprised when he clapped m

    Ian plattIan platt20 dager siden
    • Me

      Ian plattIan platt20 dager siden
  • Kaidoz you are you are my faf youtuber plz like this i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Jayden OutdoorsJayden Outdoors21 dag siden
  • wowo

    Cutter LaramoreCutter Laramore23 dager siden
  • wtf why didnt u shild up u had never a chace against nick

    ToBoToBo23 dager siden

    Julian ArmasJulian Armas27 dager siden
  • Please say I’m not the only one that got pissed because he didn’t shield up

    Ellis BloydEllis BloydMåned siden
  • Wow man u guess your sniping me

    E҉尺O҉R҈ 404E҉尺O҉R҈ 404Måned siden
  • Nickeh30 is one of my favorite NOworldr but I like you more

    Mortee CarrotMortee CarrotMåned siden
  • Could you add me on copy 58 could you please gift me the battle pass I really wanted because it’s really cool

    ginger smithginger smithMåned siden
  • The person who beat you is actually my fav NOworldr of all time And he's cracked

    Sandico Jose MiguelSandico Jose MiguelMåned siden
  • Hey Kaidoz what are you in college for? Btw love your vids 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Giles LobbezooGiles LobbezooMåned siden

    NoahBrickzNoahBrickzMåned siden
  • Hi

    SOFANSOFANMåned siden
  • You ment rock paper pipers jk

    Lizette HLizette HMåned siden
  • nice

    matt daviesmatt daviesMåned siden
  • hi

    matt daviesmatt daviesMåned siden
  • What is this guys luck with finding llamas

    Daniel SanfordDaniel SanfordMåned siden
  • Hi you are the goat

    The hunting CommunityThe hunting CommunityMåned siden
  • typical gamer op

    1H Krish Moonilalsingh1H Krish MoonilalsinghMåned siden
  • I’m Johnny on the spot

    Crxcked RoccoCrxcked RoccoMåned siden
  • The best Fortnite player is lopou

    Fragile .!Fragile .!Måned siden
  • Your bad

    Vytautas StalmokasVytautas Stalmokas2 måneder siden
  • Helo

    Gard KjøsenGard Kjøsen2 måneder siden
  • New Fortnite god

    BonezeyBonezey2 måneder siden
  • God give this person 0 ping

    Adrian SilvaAdrian Silva2 måneder siden
  • Not gonna lie if nick eh 30 wasn’t tryna go for the trick shot you would have gotten destroyed

    The Gaming KidThe Gaming Kid2 måneder siden
  • i subed

    Asher SmythAsher Smyth2 måneder siden
  • You should do a sky base in lazarbeams game

    fzjakefzjake2 måneder siden
  • 11:49 *insert cocky boxer fighter moment*

    Mrfuncake GamingMrfuncake Gaming2 måneder siden
  • love your content bro

    Dart RaceyDart Racey2 måneder siden
  • Died for the mando rip

    Shonta&Siuntai MillerShonta&Siuntai Miller2 måneder siden
  • Can I get a Fortnite skin I leave a like subscribed with notifications

    LGN WonShot2LGN WonShot22 måneder siden
  • he beat nick but got demolished by tg

    Shelia HendersonShelia Henderson2 måneder siden
  • hi i am your biggest fan i love you

    Margie QueenMargie Queen2 måneder siden
  • Everyone says that 100 ping is soooo bad when my normal is 500 ping

    Isaac ColemanIsaac Coleman2 måneder siden
  • Hello henry just wanted to tell you that raja means king in the language hindi

  • Can this guy stop putting lazerbeam in his thumbnails

    O OdonnellO Odonnell2 måneder siden
  • You saved lazarbeam streak

    LZ_ SARRIOLZ_ SARRIO2 måneder siden
  • Typical gamer is a God!😯 I also watch his videos

    Sleeping DevilSleeping Devil2 måneder siden
  • Watch me guys I'm cool

    Riley Gamer HDRiley Gamer HD2 måneder siden
  • Egg noodles

    Konnor WatsonKonnor Watson2 måneder siden
  • What do you use to save all of your kills auto?

    SlaymastahSlaymastah2 måneder siden
  • Now this is some content!

    Abhinnavv sujitAbhinnavv sujit2 måneder siden
  • I was watching lazerbeam stream when kaidoz helped him

    Christopher LucasChristopher Lucas2 måneder siden
  • YEET

    Fe4rless Dragon9Fe4rless Dragon92 måneder siden
  • 10:15

    Starlena GerberStarlena Gerber2 måneder siden
  • :43

    Starlena GerberStarlena Gerber2 måneder siden
  • Hey fearlica squad

    Your boy mike LoraYour boy mike Lora2 måneder siden
  • 1v1 me

    Your boy mike LoraYour boy mike Lora2 måneder siden
  • For one is actually 2 L it’s actually laser laser

    AlistirAlistir2 måneder siden

    Jacoxbz Games and animationsJacoxbz Games and animations2 måneder siden
  • E

    Emma Di CorletoEmma Di Corleto2 måneder siden
  • Bro at 34 seconds in to the video he has 100 ping and says thats bad, Sometimes i get up to 1300 ping. Thats bad

    BeoxyBeoxy2 måneder siden
  • Ima stream snipe you 😂

    Aidan JarvisAidan Jarvis2 måneder siden
  • I killed dr.lupo I was Rose team leader

    RoseyRosey2 måneder siden
  • I know i play dragon raja evry day its cool

    Ahmed GamerAhmed Gamer2 måneder siden
  • Kaidoz: 100 ping is an issue Me: wtf

    umerplayz 10umerplayz 102 måneder siden
  • I stream sniped lazarbeam, fresh, and musekk

    Crazy GeckoCrazy Gecko2 måneder siden
  • I’m not surprised typical beat u in a 1v1

    GoldyKanuuGoldyKanuu2 måneder siden
  • "Thank you for being a good stream sniper." -Lazarbeam

    PlasticL2PlasticL22 måneder siden
  • He didn’t 1v1 Tg. That was fake

    Trinh AlexanderTrinh Alexander2 måneder siden
  • Kadios

    Harley-James Marshall-DawsonHarley-James Marshall-Dawson2 måneder siden
  • Hello Henry

    Harley-James Marshall-DawsonHarley-James Marshall-Dawson2 måneder siden
  • 82% are subbed impossible

    Sypher PKSypher PK2 måneder siden
  • Why kaidoz letting the youtuber kill him😕😕???

    si Endutsi Endut2 måneder siden
  • Its like Fortnite it's wants him to stream snipe

    Howard HouseHoward House2 måneder siden
  • NRG Clix

    BrandoskiBrandoski2 måneder siden
  • Can u post more kaidoz?

    JustinJustin2 måneder siden
  • The attractive singer only sparkle because voice notablely disagree notwithstanding a guarded cheque. uninterested, extra-large extra-small exuberant sousaphone

    jostin putjostin put2 måneder siden
  • Where is tg at 😌

    ojas sejwalojas sejwal2 måneder siden
  • Sam

    Dark Fringy O9Dark Fringy O92 måneder siden
  • Kaidoz: uh you guys can see my ping on 121 ya it’s bad Every one els: am I a joke to you?

    Pop catPop cat2 måneder siden
  • I'm new but what I like about you is so far of what I've seen you don't cuss

    Twenty One Pilots fangirlTwenty One Pilots fangirl2 måneder siden
  • owowowowowowowowowowo

    Jair and frnanda we godJair and frnanda we god2 måneder siden
  • Cmon if you like the. We get part Two

    Daniel MclauryDaniel Mclaury2 måneder siden
  • Let’s see how many subscribers I get from this so far 35

    Nathan playz 13Nathan playz 132 måneder siden
  • how else tried out the 1v1 in i real game lol

    steve joubertsteve joubert2 måneder siden
  • Hahahhha the ping is on 200-300 😂🤣🤣

    jongen123jongen1232 måneder siden
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    NoahNoah2 måneder siden
  • The end those

    The ZacharyThe Zachary2 måneder siden
  • HE BEAT NICK!! I was so surprised! Congrats Kaidoz

    Judah SnyderJudah Snyder2 måneder siden
  • I mean TG

    Damion ThompsonDamion Thompson2 måneder siden

    Damion ThompsonDamion Thompson2 måneder siden
  • The best fortnight youtuber is bugha he gat the work cup

    angel cheathamangel cheatham2 måneder siden
  • Dragon raja=cyberpunk2077

    officialmonkeboiofficialmonkeboi2 måneder siden
  • Pls drop part 2

    Abdullah ShahidAbdullah Shahid2 måneder siden
  • This guy is Ron Weasley brother,CONFIRMED

    SaiyanSenseiSaiyanSensei2 måneder siden
  • This guy is Ron Weasley brother

    SaiyanSenseiSaiyanSensei2 måneder siden
  • This guy is Ron Weasley brother

    SaiyanSenseiSaiyanSensei2 måneder siden
  • This guy is Ron Weasley brother

    SaiyanSenseiSaiyanSensei2 måneder siden
  • This guy is Ron Weasley brother

    SaiyanSenseiSaiyanSensei2 måneder siden
  • Bruh

    Norman RockzwellNorman Rockzwell2 måneder siden
  • Your probably my fav Fortnite youtuber

    Ian WeinerIan Weiner2 måneder siden
  • you are crazy man

    Grace ElliottGrace Elliott2 måneder siden
  • I watched Lazarbeams stream I saw you streamsnipe him

    CherryPlayzCherryPlayz2 måneder siden
  • I was watching lazers stream

    Thegaming gamerThegaming gamer2 måneder siden