I Stream Sniped A HACKER until he DELETED Fortnite...

21. aug.. 2020
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I Stream Sniped A HACKER until he DELETED Fortnite...
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  • *I Stream Sniped A HACKER until he DELETED Fortnite...* subscribe plz ty

    KaidozKaidoz8 måneder siden
    • Dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      Minh OtterbeinMinh OtterbeinMåned siden
    • Top ten youtubers who’ve click bated

      Jacob TarlingJacob Tarling2 måneder siden
    • hahaha you destroy him lol

      Jovan MacukovJovan Macukov2 måneder siden
    • Gg best

      leamis agoatleamis agoat2 måneder siden
    • LoL😂

      stranger ._stranger ._2 måneder siden
  • You are epic

    Eron Anderton- SchohnEron Anderton- Schohn3 dager siden
  • A blue charge is definitely a pump

    Dhruv's carsDhruv's cars5 dager siden
  • Walrus-h is epic

    Charlie FranksCharlie Franks5 dager siden
  • Can someone pls gimme v bucks I’m a new player

    Mila MMila M8 dager siden
  • Ngolo jnte 🤪🤪🤪😢

    Omar MaaroufOmar Maarouf10 dager siden
  • U

    Omar MaaroufOmar Maarouf10 dager siden
  • Stupid lol

    John WhiteJohn White11 dager siden
  • Damin3345bos

    G AlaG Ala11 dager siden
  • Você é um pepelote

    Fábio CarvalhoFábio Carvalho14 dager siden
  • I love your videos

    geniusranksgeniusranks19 dager siden
  • I’m subed and I liked the vid

    Xavier NielsenXavier Nielsen22 dager siden
  • Hacker left the chat

    The KokosThe Kokos23 dager siden
  • Bro I enjoyed when you made a army of bananas

    Bryan MelendezBryan Melendez26 dager siden
  • Gg

    Jdawg8723Jdawg872327 dager siden
  • Kaidoz is the best youtuber!

    Brown AimeeBrown Aimee28 dager siden
  • Wait are charges now pumps

    Ishiqa Rainbow girlIshiqa Rainbow girl28 dager siden
  • Kadoz is pro

    Daniel SanfordDaniel SanfordMåned siden
  • He always asks his ping is bad but I play on 300 every day😩

    kirsty okeefekirsty okeefeMåned siden
  • i love you

    David HarewoodDavid HarewoodMåned siden
  • 1:04 we got the blue pump?

    Clipz 123Clipz 123Måned siden
  • PapaDimaR

    Emma FriedmanEmma FriedmanMåned siden
  • Yo

    Leo GriffinLeo GriffinMåned siden
  • It’s the 10th time I’ve watched this stream sniping never gets old 😂

    Dewi AttwellDewi AttwellMåned siden
  • I love your videos too I subscribed

    Kids challenge Club CompetitionKids challenge Club CompetitionMåned siden

    Egidijus RupsysEgidijus RupsysMåned siden
  • I'm a controller player

    Marco PoloMarco PoloMåned siden
  • I did it

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    gaming 10gaming 10Måned siden

    JayceJayceMåned siden
  • i love ur vids

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  • Kaidoz is the best

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    Quinn CampbellQuinn CampbellMåned siden
  • Go Kaidoz

    William FernandezWilliam FernandezMåned siden
  • Kaidoz his the best

    Tiffany EdwardsTiffany EdwardsMåned siden
  • Blue pump ??? (Blue charge)

    Eanna JoyceEanna JoyceMåned siden
  • Him my ping!!!! It’s so laggy!! Me :/ that’s my ping most of the time

    DJ MELLODJ MELLOMåned siden
  • kai fox is epic!!!!!

    colt paulcolt paulMåned siden
  • my name new-thing

  • Did man call a charge a pump?

    Finnzy TTVFinnzy TTVMåned siden
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    Pauline JeffreyPauline JeffreyMåned siden
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    Dylan's Family FunDylan's Family FunMåned siden
  • Hi can I please have sum vbucks I’m broke please I need it so bad

    Kevin BrownKevin BrownMåned siden
  • You hacked at 8:17

    Suzan MichielsSuzan MichielsMåned siden
  • I play well on 400 ping I swear I am king on 400 ping Any servers

    Cr1ppled-SniperCr1ppled-SniperMåned siden
  • Kaidoz killing a hacker Me watching kaidoz hit him for 215 with a ar

    Logicy父Logicy父Måned siden
  • Hey this is not a hacker cause he doesn’t have aim bot

    TTV Cormack123TTV Cormack123Måned siden
  • hes not a hacker

    Leon RichardLeon RichardMåned siden
  • lets go bro u no freshy and muselk poooog

    Yeet YoteYeet YoteMåned siden
  • I'm a big fan

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  • Banana army

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  • He doesnt have aimbot

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  • u are so good

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  • Yeah

    Destini DaleDestini DaleMåned siden
  • Yeah

    Destini DaleDestini DaleMåned siden
  • Shut up you need to stop talking bro

    Paulina CamarenaPaulina CamarenaMåned siden
    • And just do the video

      Paulina CamarenaPaulina CamarenaMåned siden
  • He’s so bad he needs to hack

    Lizette HLizette HMåned siden
  • I love your vids

    John BlackowskiJohn BlackowskiMåned siden
  • Ya kaidoz teaming is against the rules

    Just VibingJust VibingMåned siden
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  • Kidos is epic!

    collette shynglecollette shyngleMåned siden
  • kadioz is epic

    plaki pajplaki pajMåned siden
  • Y is his Internet so bad he's always on ping

    Fionn McGuinnessFionn McGuinnessMåned siden
  • Yoo he has mako glider

    Joe CortinezJoe CortinezMåned siden
  • Epic

    Andrei StanculescuAndrei StanculescuMåned siden
  • Kaidoz is epic! My name in fortnite is Konstantinos 678

  • Lol it makes me laugh when a pc player complains about a controller player

    Leonidas SpartaLeonidas Sparta2 måneder siden
  • Hi Lol

    Adam BradshawAdam Bradshaw2 måneder siden
  • Until 830

    Chelsea HastyChelsea Hasty2 måneder siden
  • The ending: "he got offline and deleted fortnite", and you expect us to trust you Kaidoz? If he really was a hacker he would be flying like you said. Stop being fake.

    DeletedDeleted2 måneder siden
  • 2:25 typing in your own chat? lmfao

    LacyXLacyX2 måneder siden
  • The ping is scuffed he is on 100 my ping is 1100 and vibing

    Saliba KhourySaliba Khoury2 måneder siden
  • Kaiden is cool

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  • We hate hackers lol but we love to see them aimbot PPL lol

    1P Zexify1P Zexify2 måneder siden
  • bruh this do be looking kinda fake j

    Typical GamerTypical Gamer2 måneder siden
  • If he has godmode how did u kill him

    Liam27Liam272 måneder siden
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  • Kaidoz is epic!

    Pro fortniterPro fortniter2 måneder siden
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    kdaplace1kdaplace12 måneder siden
  • Reverse Kaidoz you get Zodiak you are a real Zodiac

    EHT InvincibleEHT Invincible2 måneder siden
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  • Boo hackers

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