I Played Fortnite in 1st Person Mode!

16. april. 2021
79 357 Ganger

I Played Fortnite in 1st Person Mode!
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  • *I Played Fortnite in 1st Person Mode!* subscribe or bad luck

    KaidozKaidoz19 dager siden
    • its not first person you just went invisible.

      Ryan NagyRyan Nagy22 timer siden
    • What editor do you use

      Nick DoxnaaNick Doxnaa12 dager siden
    • @KAI_FN huh

      LEXALEXA12 dager siden
    • Hi everyone hates the stream snipers they ruined it then I went in ur discord to do it then a trash default grifer killed me teaming with his grifer friend

      LEXALEXA12 dager siden
    • Cool thumbnail Ninja!! 2:17 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝕗𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕖.𝕦𝕤 🔥 ପାଇଁ

      Schultz JordynSchultz Jordyn14 dager siden

    Ahmed GamingAhmed Gaming20 timer siden
  • u make youreself invisible but others can see you sad

    Sietje SennaSietje SennaDag siden
  • Do this in vr

    Jennifer RobertsJennifer Roberts2 dager siden
  • i know bruh

    Melo SoberanesMelo Soberanes3 dager siden
  • You r so good

    joseph speedinskyjoseph speedinsky5 dager siden
  • Not first person your invisible

    Lisa BowickLisa Bowick5 dager siden
  • .Make more content

    The dare dogs!!The dare dogs!!6 dager siden
  • Kaidoz you always put that smile on my face when im sad or bored

    AD_MHking shortsAD_MHking shorts7 dager siden
  • this is the invisible glitch

    Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton7 dager siden
  • Kaidoz the type of guy to say tagged when he’s playing solo squads

    Diego calderonDiego calderon8 dager siden
  • U said ow then I realized u can feel pain

    Mr ZgamerMr Zgamer8 dager siden
  • Thanks for adding me

    Sgc Ligi99Sgc Ligi998 dager siden
  • 1st

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya8 dager siden
  • Legit just invisibility

    GamingPuppyGamingPuppy8 dager siden
  • Jelly is there I saw him

    Faker JoshFaker Josh8 dager siden
  • Theres a kid running around on fortnite claiming hes you

  • My mans is just invisible

    Dxrk ModeDxrk Mode10 dager siden

    ZAXZAX11 dager siden
  • I one's did this in last season

    Kiburugwa StarsKiburugwa Stars11 dager siden
  • The glitch is make yourself invisible thats whythey couldn't shoot at you enemies didn't see you but nice vid

    negro401313negro40131312 dager siden
  • 6:15 that’s what she said

    Ben AllemanBen Alleman12 dager siden
  • Should have given credit to mccreamy since he did this first

    Shiny Poké HunterShiny Poké Hunter12 dager siden
  • Ok why tf did he leave the purple pump like

    Madison MooreMadison Moore12 dager siden
  • 😁😁😁

    Ashoo KhanAshoo Khan12 dager siden
  • I’m confused Kaidoz has over 2 million subs and this video right now has only 50,000 views cmon guys

    Ashley HughesAshley Hughes12 dager siden
  • 7 kills in the bord rn just wiped ot plesen park

    Citra DewiCitra Dewi13 dager siden
  • Bro he’s not in first person his character is so invisible but when he’s in vehicles, first person is on

    Alejandro OsunaAlejandro Osuna13 dager siden
  • Eeeeeeee

    STRABARYSTRABARY13 dager siden
  • 0:42 your not actually not in 1st person your character is just invisible

    AARON_lolAARON_lol13 dager siden
  • Wow

    Viggo KraassenbergViggo Kraassenberg13 dager siden
  • your thumbnail kinda sus, SFM right, so basically P***

    Daniel WilliamsDaniel Williams13 dager siden
  • Wait no your invisible

  • Kaidoz: OMG I AM ACTUALLY IN FIRST PERSON 😱 Me: bruh... you literally just made yourself invisible

    Harvey KeaneHarvey Keane14 dager siden
  • Wow i wanna play in first preson*

    LaylaPlayzLaylaPlayz14 dager siden
  • It isn’t first person it invisibility

    Samdabest09 YTSamdabest09 YT14 dager siden
  • The way he says fortnite in the beginning 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Abdul Rafay ShaikhAbdul Rafay Shaikh15 dager siden
  • Whats the intense music

    Sunny HereSunny Here15 dager siden
  • Who saw him miss that purple spaz 3:53

    Daniel GamesDaniel Games15 dager siden
  • Can you post more

    Jayden HomerJayden Homer16 dager siden
  • You not first person another streamers tried that😂🖕🏻

    Piitaaraq larsenPiitaaraq larsen16 dager siden
  • Hi

    Samuel I am123Samuel I am12317 dager siden
  • He passed a pump shotgun

    James ValleJames Valle17 dager siden
  • Or your character is invisible LOL

    ??? Fire gaming??? Fire gaming17 dager siden
  • ur not actually in first person its because when scope in with a sniper u character disappears for u on ur screen but for others they can see u people just say first person for views

    ClutchR4INClutchR4IN17 dager siden
  • I love you

    FaZe kidFaZe kid17 dager siden
  • first person mode in vr

    EVAN BROWEREVAN BROWER17 dager siden
  • kiadoz didnt expect this from u we all new ur faking by going invinsible

    bac don haiderbac don haider17 dager siden
  • When you came back from kaidoz stream on twitch

    Trendell PlayzTrendell Playz17 dager siden
  • Ur just invizible XDDD such a clickbait

    Beannie.Beannie.17 dager siden
  • Bruh this video down bad

    BaileyzBaileyz17 dager siden
  • Fishy Army

    Luke MarshLuke Marsh17 dager siden
  • Me thinking hes invisible 😐

    AlexAlex18 dager siden
  • tooooooooooooooooooooodayyyyyy

    Mr-WabbitMr-Wabbit18 dager siden
  • tooooooooooooooooooooodayyyyyy

    Mr-WabbitMr-Wabbit18 dager siden
  • 1st person fortnite

    AlfyrisAlfyris18 dager siden
  • Ok

    Ansh IndAnsh Ind18 dager siden
  • Bro u are invis

    gerald mooregerald moore18 dager siden
  • Your just invisible clickbait

    goozjeesh46goozjeesh4618 dager siden
  • He just made him invisible but I still love the vid

    Tdog8711Tdog871118 dager siden
  • You were in fishyblox chat I watch both of you

    hassan khanhassan khan18 dager siden
  • I keep getting first person mode wen I pick up a sniper

    Quika SalasQuika Salas18 dager siden
  • your not even playing in third person your just invisible

    thebestcss /aka camthebestcss /aka cam18 dager siden
  • Do it with VR, haptic suit and 1st person

    ElectricKangaElectricKanga18 dager siden
  • Kaidoz is my favorite NOworldr

    Zen ReflixerZen Reflixer18 dager siden
  • Kaidoz nice 1st person video Oh shit your just invisible not 1st person

    XP HunterXP Hunter19 dager siden
  • 'Ok my aim sucks' -Kaidoz 2021 Doesn't everyones

    someone randomsomeone random19 dager siden
  • New upload I LOVE IT best NOworldr ever dude

    dexter Liversidgedexter Liversidge19 dager siden
  • You were just invis

    Austin RoseAustin Rose19 dager siden
  • first person is op

    Abdullah ElkadyAbdullah Elkady19 dager siden
  • Kaidoz your an amazing youtuber but plss upload more

    fnrajfnraj19 dager siden
  • This is kinda clickbait ngl

    ItsNotEeveeYTItsNotEeveeYT19 dager siden
  • U da best

    nikCHILLnikCHILL19 dager siden
  • The editing is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Bendy AlienBendy Alien19 dager siden
  • Kaidoz you haven’t uploaded in 4 weeks

    Noice PKNoice PK19 dager siden
  • The legend has uploaded

    galaxy destroyer14galaxy destroyer1419 dager siden
  • Try first person mode with vr on and that ting you have on to feel damage

    Simon ThustrupSimon Thustrup19 dager siden
  • so fucking clickbait

    tech supporttech support19 dager siden
  • Me: likes cod and roblox. Cod is first person most of the shooting games are in first person

    Electrisity_YTElectrisity_YT19 dager siden
  • why is this recommended to me i have never watched a fortnite video in my life

    MrFurrFoxx OfficialMrFurrFoxx Official19 dager siden
  • First person to go first person in fortnite 👍

    Margaret AccountancyMargaret Accountancy19 dager siden
  • I love that you make New vids, the last video was 4 weeks ago.

    Anime StrikeAnime Strike19 dager siden
  • You are the best NOworldr ever. My favourite NOworldr is you. I am not lying. I started watching your videos from January 2021 and I saw all of them. I had a count of that too. I use code Kaidoz in the item shop.

    FAITH GAMEZFAITH GAMEZ19 dager siden
  • Nice❤

    moal borujmoal boruj19 dager siden
  • Sheesh

    SKPZ for 4kSKPZ for 4k19 dager siden
  • His voice wierd 🥴

    Average GamerAverage Gamer19 dager siden
  • Hi big fan Oommmmmggggg

    Elijah WestbrookElijah Westbrook19 dager siden
  • “Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance".,

    Mr X13Mr X1319 dager siden
  • YO

    jabba da gamerjabba da gamer19 dager siden

    A random FishA random Fish19 dager siden
  • Heyyy There's My Favorite NOworldr! :)

    Shrey MattooShrey Mattoo19 dager siden
  • I love when I see kaidoz in my notification I love his vids Love you kaidoz keep the good work up ❤️❤️💕🐐👍

    Mbappe Is goatedMbappe Is goated19 dager siden

    Stephen O'MahonyStephen O'Mahony19 dager siden
  • Kaidoz ALWAYS makes fire vids🔥

    Ghost boxed uGhost boxed u19 dager siden
  • It makes u invisible u can see it when he is gliding

    Speedy-Boat472Speedy-Boat47219 dager siden
  • You killed me in a solo the other day, my name is AhmadKhuja, add me unless you don’t want the heat... I will get revenge

    Ahmad KhujaAhmad Khuja19 dager siden
  • Noooooooooooooo I'm late😭😭

    Fresh IcyFresh Icy19 dager siden
  • Kaidoz is a legend

    F HaiderF Haider19 dager siden
  • When you realize you can pretend to make first person mode by making yourself invisible:

    DewDew19 dager siden
    • AS soon as i knew i checked the comments

      Muthana YunusMuthana Yunus3 dager siden
    • Yh i knew he wasnt in first person when he started gliding.

      Itz MotionItz Motion18 dager siden
  • guys he’s just invisible not in 1st person not being a hater i am a fan just he did the wrong title

    Karima AhmedKarima Ahmed19 dager siden