I Made Celebrities their *OWN* Fortnite Skins, Then Surprised Them

25. sep.. 2020
2 127 905 Ganger

I Made Celebrities their *OWN* Fortnite Skins, Then Surprised Them
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*Disclaimer: All concepts edited to look real - No in-game files were modified during the making of this video*
Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz

  • *I Made Celebrities their OWN Fortnite Skins, Then Surprised Them* subscribe gamers

    KaidozKaidoz7 måneder siden
    • So coollll

      Oscar WilliamsOscar WilliamsMåned siden
    • @Apple Pie lol

      Benjamin HernandezBenjamin HernandezMåned siden
    • Can you make me a dog cake skin plz

      Apple PieApple PieMåned siden
    • 🔥

      Benjamin HernandezBenjamin HernandezMåned siden
    • Hello

      Benjamin HernandezBenjamin HernandezMåned siden
  • Hey, can anyone say how do you make skins?

    GLX V1SP3RGLX V1SP3R6 timer siden
  • Yo wats up ariana grande

    Dayana NavarroDayana Navarro7 timer siden
  • You suk I have the best fortnite skins so your just stopit and your ugly

    Carmila Lindsey-MahiaiCarmila Lindsey-Mahiai12 timer siden
  • Mrs Beast head look so ugly

    Dayan DomingezDayan DomingezDag siden
  • You which you know that many celebreties

    Dayan DomingezDayan DomingezDag siden
  • Lazar has a skin

    MidasBuildsMidasBuilds2 dager siden
  • Ngl all the skins u made were really trash

    MiningMaster 18MiningMaster 182 dager siden
  • lazarbeam already have a skin but i guess this vid came out before the skin came out

    Julian ClarkJulian Clark5 dager siden
  • he has bought tofu his own battle bus more like the tofu destroyed

    Mxwell neghabiMxwell neghabi5 dager siden
  • how do you call a girl that cant speak .............. justin bieber

    ErkiproErkipro8 dager siden
  • So like when you make these stink you can actually play with them? cause like i really want one i bet everyone here does keep it up with the good work Kaidoz ✋

    TakikaTakika8 dager siden
  • Kaidoz making lazarbeam skin lazar now has skin 🥺🥺

    Noora AnwarNoora Anwar9 dager siden
  • I hate the bille skin you made

    post baby clothespost baby clothes10 dager siden
  • 69 LIT

    iiFrosty_GamesiiFrosty_Games10 dager siden
  • Make A Color Black Astronaut Helmet And Black Astronaut Suits And Fire Design In The Head the legs and the arms and hands plzzzzzzzzzzzz legs and arms are black to sorry for asking for alot its because im a default skin i liked and subbed btw

    Xyl Justine CrisostomoXyl Justine Crisostomo12 dager siden
  • I subscribe and bro nice skins

    TMC GamingTMC Gaming12 dager siden
  • Him and trimix need to team up Ngl

    Madison kMadison k12 dager siden
  • U need to make Ariana grande one

    Chanel ValenteChanel Valente13 dager siden
  • He said Jordan's dude they nikes

    lana clana c13 dager siden
  • Lazar has a skin but better

    LuigiGamerXxLuigiGamerXx15 dager siden
  • What are thars

    Corbin TobiasCorbin Tobias15 dager siden
  • kaidoz:we already have drake ato home

    RAGE QUITRAGE QUIT17 dager siden
  • Umm could u make me one em im kinda new i started this season 6 um if u couldnhers is what I would like if u see this um id like anime style denim shorts black belly top kinda grayish whitish hair then anime face with grey eyes

    Lisa O'NeillLisa O'Neill18 dager siden
  • dem off-white 10,000 lookin fye sheeeeeeesh

    Osarumwense IgoriOsarumwense Igori19 dager siden
  • Done

    Denitra ChildressDenitra Childress19 dager siden
  • 8:34 pov. are you here when lazarbeam already has a real Fortnite skin

    DrlolDrlol19 dager siden
  • No one: Kaidoz: Addison Rae, more like Addison hey I made u this fortnite skin

    KYRA MOOREKYRA MOORE19 dager siden
  • Oh I like your video lol⬛️⬜️🟧🟨🔔🟩🟦🟪 Lol

    Jen CastroJen Castro19 dager siden
  • "Then surprised Them" I felt that.

    Colt 47Colt 4720 dager siden
  • Dang we bringing in s6x n9ne 🔥

    Kamonwan DongphoowetKamonwan Dongphoowet20 dager siden
  • The faces a bit sus

    Kamonwan DongphoowetKamonwan Dongphoowet20 dager siden
    • Man Jarvis hair looking like a fricking tree top (no affence) 😂

      Kamonwan DongphoowetKamonwan Dongphoowet20 dager siden
  • Mrbeast has seen some things

    Mad HouseMad House20 dager siden
  • When Lazarbeam ACTUALLY gets his own skin:

    DexterityDexterity20 dager siden
  • What’s the app?!

    The GamingWolfThe GamingWolf21 dag siden
  • Hey yo Mr Beast be looking like a Default skin

    Lucy WanjikuLucy Wanjiku21 dag siden
  • Can you make me my own skin : KingMello

    Naytasha SimsNaytasha Sims21 dag siden
  • Like Ariana Skin Is Coming....

    Esther AvilaEsther Avila21 dag siden
  • Whats that for a skin app

    Playmogamer29Playmogamer2921 dag siden
  • How to??!

    MR. DamarMR. Damar22 dager siden
  • why 69 like why

    brawl FRANK YTbrawl FRANK YT22 dager siden
  • I really like the Ariana skin

    adain schmidtadain schmidt22 dager siden
  • I hate for spelling Billie eilish as Billie eyelash 😕 Just kidding

    Anailec RivasmartinezAnailec Rivasmartinez22 dager siden
  • How do we put that in game

    Isaquiño’s VlogsIsaquiño’s Vlogs22 dager siden
  • Then: Doesn't have a Lazar Beam Now: Has a Lazar Beam

    FORTSWEAT 001FORTSWEAT 00123 dager siden
  • That’s sick😎

    Michael HoekendorfMichael Hoekendorf23 dager siden
  • How do you make these skins man please let me know

    ShadowSeeker3000ShadowSeeker300023 dager siden
  • I think he used a male layout for Billies skin ngl... 😂😬

    Cookie MelooonCookie Melooon23 dager siden
  • He Made Lazarbeam i Skin A Little bit later he already has a skin

    Noobz PlayzNoobz Playz24 dager siden
  • Clickbait

    ItzOnlyMeYeItzOnlyMeYe25 dager siden
  • The skins are so bad quality you need to fix them up before you surprise the celebrities

    IRNBRU MCIRNBRU MC25 dager siden
  • Lazar deserves a skin 5 months later I got my own skin yeeeet

    Sailoco14Sailoco1425 dager siden
  • The mr beast one looks like chandler ngl

    Carson PlayzCarson Playz25 dager siden
  • My guy lazar has a skin dat way better

    Asteticly RedAsteticly Red25 dager siden
  • Lazarbeam has his own skin

    fshy gangfshy gang26 dager siden
  • the lazar beam one was cool but too late! cuz fortnite release Lazarbeam Skin

    Sev Dev-99Sev Dev-9926 dager siden
  • I clicked on the vid without checking the youtuber and i thought this was renju no cap

    ZerøZerø27 dager siden
  • Months later laserbeam gets his own skin

    yassine sinoyassine sino27 dager siden
  • Them green Jordan's!!!hahahahahahaha

    Adiel KrotzAdiel Krotz27 dager siden
  • Yeeted

    Niki CookeNiki Cooke27 dager siden
  • Mr Best’s head,Face look’s from the game neighbor Could you even tell

    Nicole MckinnonNicole Mckinnon29 dager siden
  • ok i am donne pls make me i skin pls

    ProGamerLeGeNTProGamerLeGeNTMåned siden
  • Can you plssss make an ozzy Osbourne skin plssssssssssssssssss

    Psycho GirlPsycho GirlMåned siden
  • Billie Eyelash is pog

    MatthoseMatthoseMåned siden
  • What about xxxtentacion

    azangus proazangus proMåned siden
  • oor

    halimo mahamedhalimo mahamedMåned siden
  • bro no god pls no noooo

    halimo mahamedhalimo mahamedMåned siden
  • It looks like he just uses pieces of other skins to make the skins nothing to special

    Arise Chemmy Chemmy AriseArise Chemmy Chemmy AriseMåned siden
  • Eeekekkekekekeke

    AsrxAsrxMåned siden
  • What application are you using?

    radkosk0radkosk0Måned siden
  • Lazarbeam has a skin now👐🏼

    Condrea PearsonCondrea PearsonMåned siden
  • We need a Ariana Grande skin in fortnite

    Lil_Raspberry_YTLil_Raspberry_YTMåned siden
  • They should make him a skin

    fudge Manfudge ManMåned siden
  • Billie looks buff she by hiting the gym

    Thabo SkomereThabo SkomereMåned siden
  • How do u not know what bille’s favourite colour

    Savage ClanSavage ClanMåned siden
  • Why Jarvis toes like that bro looking like a fuckin ninja turtle 🐢

    LynxxLynxxMåned siden
  • When I saw Justin I thought it was this is my friend Justin and he’s already taken but he’s cracked at fortnite my guy

    LynxxLynxxMåned siden
  • I thought it was billie eyelash

    LynxxLynxxMåned siden
  • then lazerbeam aually geta his skin

    Fortnite kidFortnite kidMåned siden
  • Why drake look so buff tho-💀 (No offense)

    idkidkMåned siden
  • Isn't Billie Elliesh dead no offenseeeeeeeeeee

    AlexAlexMåned siden
  • She been workin out

    Zoila SolanoZoila SolanoMåned siden
  • Hello billie ayelash

    Charli fann Addisonnn raeeCharli fann Addisonnn raeeMåned siden
  • make jason daniele poker player

    BriBriMåned siden
  • Lazar does has his own skin lolololol

    BucketBoi-RobloxBucketBoi-RobloxMåned siden
  • i want my own skin

    AddyAddyMåned siden
  • Here after laser beam got a skin -----------≥

    Jessica BowsherJessica BowsherMåned siden
  • Make a xxx can skin

    Michael VelazquezMichael VelazquezMåned siden
  • Lol imagine if he made a custom skin battle pass 😂

    Lone NightcoreLone NightcoreMåned siden
  • Bro i think my Best friend no play fortnite BTW (billie is my Best friend)

    Bad BoyBad BoyMåned siden
  • Who new laser be getting his own skin

    Dufus DidDufus DidMåned siden
  • And now lazarbeam has his skin lol yeettttttttttttttttttttttt

    Mavel4ever And everMavel4ever And everMåned siden

    Lavenderish FFLavenderish FFMåned siden
  • Can you please make me my own skin

    Cristina StickneyCristina StickneyMåned siden
  • What did you use to make the skins ?

    Jesse ArthurJesse ArthurMåned siden
  • Can you make me my own skin in fortnite pls?

    wolfie slasherwolfie slasherMåned siden
  • 8:27 well he made one up

    Exotic- Prince beastExotic- Prince beastMåned siden
  • My name is bluekid89

    fortnite kidsfortnite kidsMåned siden
  • Can I get a skin

    fortnite kidsfortnite kidsMåned siden
  • yo you sus you keep blocking your mesegase with ariana grande sussssssssssssssss

    swoly foreverswoly foreverMåned siden