I Busted EVERY Fortnite Season 6 Myth!

18. mars. 2021
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I Busted EVERY Fortnite Season 6 Myth!
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  • *Busting EVERY Fortnite Season 6 Myth!* subscribe gamers

    KaidozKaidozMåned siden
    • I wish the chicken one the um Mystique one

      Monroe McGahaMonroe McGaha22 dager siden
    • hey 2019 I saw your music block videos check this guy out with his songs Top 50 Popular Songs made with MUSIC BLOCKS in Fortnite! (With Codes!) 2,386,244 views•Mar 24, 2019 Noob VS Pro - Fortnite 176K subscribers her is his youtube its Noob Vs Pro

      Andrew PoindexterAndrew Poindexter22 dager siden
    • Upload pls 😢 and EdwardDavies on fortnite

      Jack DaviesJack Davies22 dager siden
    • Hi

      X2insane_-X2insane_-23 dager siden
    • @nate nate no ur not and no one asked

      no ones hereno ones here25 dager siden
  • I Busted EVERY Fortnite Season 6 Myth

    NRE PoloNRE Polo14 timer siden

    7Ǥ4ϻ3S7Ǥ4ϻ3SDag siden
  • kinda a mccreamy wanna be tho

    Tobias AlmstedtTobias AlmstedtDag siden
  • I got a makeshift smg (sad) Oh I got a green bow (happy)?

    Harry BowHarry BowDag siden
  • It’s the reading the script for the sponsor for me

    Minecraft ARMAN and EMILY MinasyanMinecraft ARMAN and EMILY Minasyan3 dager siden
  • Guys I think I know how to draw you need a explosive bow and shoot it down then draw both player should have 20 up ok

    Aaron ZibakidiAaron Zibakidi3 dager siden
  • Did😊

    x2 izaiahx2 izaiah7 dager siden
  • After the first second, i think i went deaf

    ツTXRツTXR10 dager siden
  • i just started watching u and u dont curse so i can watch u :]

    Amy WhiteAmy White10 dager siden
  • yes sir

    don't mind me I just thought he's a cow ahhahaadon't mind me I just thought he's a cow ahhahaa11 dager siden
  • The, myth is true

    Zachary rhZachary rh11 dager siden
  • The myth is d

    Zachary rhZachary rh11 dager siden
  • WHat site??

    shyla duranshyla duran12 dager siden
  • u sound like alia lol

    money tawnmoney tawn12 dager siden
  • Get two keyboards and get two bows and shot at the same time

    Ben AllemanBen Alleman12 dager siden
  • easy

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  • Kaidoz

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  • hi

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  • this is my first video i look on your channel and its amazing

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  • If you kill a prop as mystique do you turn into the prop or not?

    Sam BachmanSam Bachman18 dager siden
  • As mystique can you turn into somebody else’s prop after you kill them?

    Sam BachmanSam Bachman18 dager siden
  • 6

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  • He turned into what he is 7:06

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  • This is how many times he said bro: 👇

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  • 1:47 music name please??

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  • Did u die kaidoz bcz u are not making vidues

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  • Good Job on the amazing video

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  • Pls gift me batle pas nick:RankovicGame

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  • You need the peer skull to be a chicken

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    • Can you please learn how to spell

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  • Upload

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  • Fake I guess

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  • Myth 1: it's a rapid fire shotgun it will shoot slower if you double pump lol

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    • Yeah I know

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    • Nise

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  • Kaidoz 1v1???? My epics A Pirate Sailor

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  • What is your real name

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    • His real name is Paul

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  • does anyone else thinks he sounds like jarvis here??? 5:23

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  • who cares about the sposers in not toxic just a little bit boringgggggggggggggggg

    Laura GibsonLaura Gibson27 dager siden
    • @Alani Sun Pino fr tho

      Addison~Addison~23 dager siden
    • So skip it. It's not rocket science.

      Alani Sun PinoAlani Sun Pino25 dager siden
  • yep defenitly two of the same gun but theresnonly one

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  • at 7:07 bazerks content is on screen

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  • Banened

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  • you need to make a song to see fortnite

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  • Does anyone remember when kaidoz commented on wasted by juice wrld 2 years ago saying Collab of the year?

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  • Ya didnt get banned

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  • You do realize your sponcer is a fortnite rip off infact thousends of the games on that app is a fortnite rip off

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  • gg

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  • My ID is filmy_rag1

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    • He won't lmao

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    • Keep imaging

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  • Bruce

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  • core is just roblox meets fortnite ok

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  • playing fortnite... SPONSORS A VERY copyrighted game

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  • crxsh luca gifted you bunbun

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    • You cant

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  • you can duble pump with pump and primal pistol

  • Me: It’s overpowered!

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