Gifting Fortnite Streamers 10,000 VBucks For Every Kill

8. mars. 2021
379 158 Ganger

Gifting Fortnite Streamers 10,000 VBucks For Every Kill
Thanks, Pringles! (AD) Try the map yourself! Code: 4381-6595-5858
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UK, DE, FR, BE, NL, ES, RU. 18+ only. 04-17/03/21. Visit to register. Complete your Flavour Run Map & submit your time and gamer ID to enter the competition. Fastest Entrant per country will win 1 x invitation to compete in the Pop n Play European Showdown pairing with a local influencer. Showdown Prize: 1 x €5000 gaming bundle. No purchase necessary, access to Fortnite, email address & internet access required. Visit for full T&Cs & prize details. Promoter: Kairos.
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Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz

  • i did the pringles plss can i add you

    Adam AbuawwadAdam Abuawwad3 dager siden
  • 𝓗𝓲

    Schyler RobersonSchyler Roberson13 dager siden
  • My mom said who’s your fav youtuber I said kaizod

    The TrollerThe Troller22 dager siden
  • You should've gave the black guy 100 per kill too lol

    In The Kitchen With FathiaIn The Kitchen With Fathia22 dager siden
  • Does 100 for people he knows

    OS8 0LOS8 0L24 dager siden
  • out of all the companies prigles yes pringles sponsered him

    Jason EditsJason Edits24 dager siden
  • Banger

    Oscar irwinOscar irwin24 dager siden
  • good video bro gg

    Lanielle GamingLanielle Gaming26 dager siden
  • i wish he donated to me

    MadsTheDudeMadsTheDude26 dager siden
  • Racist much

    ichigokizami playsichigokizami plays27 dager siden
  • Good video

    GamerBoy CJGamerBoy CJ28 dager siden
  • hi

    Jlsus worldJlsus world28 dager siden
  • Eu server dont suck

    Peter SvedborgPeter Svedborg28 dager siden
  • r u sure ur not being racist giving the white guy 100$ for every kill than giving him 10 idk but be fare

    KONS SnXwyKONS SnXwy28 dager siden
  • Renju and kaidoz sound like the same

    Bot 4Bot 429 dager siden
  • Kaidoz add my ni fortnite

    Jlsus worldJlsus world29 dager siden
  • I did the pringals death run in 7 mins

    The best at FortniteThe best at FortniteMåned siden
  • Eu is the best server for me eu is the best

    FLAZE TigranFLAZE TigranMåned siden
  • It’s kaiiiiidoz not kaaaidoZzzz

    KnightKnightMåned siden
  • Fortnite mrbeast

    vanisha lalvanisha lalMåned siden
  • Can I be in this challenge?

    Ahmed ShahidAhmed ShahidMåned siden
  • kaidoz why do you donate more money to famous streamers when they have much more than the others who you gave 10$ to

    MiktomineyMiktomineyMåned siden
  • Kaidoz has made friends with lazer with the amount of times he has donated to him

    Fastknight GamingFastknight GamingMåned siden
  • ✔︎

    Zzkyyys RushyZzkyyys RushyMåned siden
  • Awesome video my guy

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  • bro i luv orbitron

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  • Kadioz, The master of clickbait

    JerThe YouTuberJerThe YouTuberMåned siden
  • Use code kaidos

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  • why do you sound like FaZe Kay

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  • Me eating pringles rn ok

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaMåned siden
  • l need a skin

    tasal sidiqitasal sidiqiMåned siden
  • Wooow you donated 10 dollars to the black guy ant to the white guys you donated 100 you freaking bot!!! 🤬

    Neidas CibulskisNeidas CibulskisMåned siden
  • bro i did it but im on ps4 so i dont know how to record

    Emili MargaryanEmili MargaryanMåned siden
  • Your videos are good

    Alexander DavilaAlexander DavilaMåned siden
  • I have 21 elims Then if Per elim U will get $100 That means 21×100=$21000😳

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  • everyone is CRACKED

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  • Epic video

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  • Can you gift me battle pass tier 100 please, I ask this to every stearemer

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  • Hey i know orb :)

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  • I love yore videos

    William FlesherWilliam FlesherMåned siden
  • woooooooooooooooooooooooo

    fake dreamfake dreamMåned siden
  • It took me 5minuts

    Adam StarAdam StarMåned siden
  • Damn only 10 for black and only 100 for white

    Allen 1Allen 1Måned siden
  • Nice mate kaidos u are a pro

    Monty AwoudaMonty AwoudaMåned siden
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  • This is mini mrbeast

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    • @ꨄᴍᴡᴅʏꨄ does it really mater like cmn you realy waste your time writing a comment for this no hate

      your daily dose of randomyour daily dose of random28 dager siden
    • EHHH Mr Beast gives people equal amount of money doesnt matter who you are but kaidoz only donated to 1 black person and he gave him 10$ per kill...

      ꨄᴍᴡᴅʏꨄꨄᴍᴡᴅʏꨄMåned siden
  • so he gave the black dude 10 bucks per kill but the white dude he gave 100 hmmm...........................seems like ......

    FlexOgoFlexOgoMåned siden
  • I play on EU server and it doesn't suck

    Bruno madureiraBruno madureiraMåned siden
  • Pls add me on fortnite epic Pepan_Killer3

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  • i saw this on tiktok

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  • wow how racist is kaidoz on the man he did only 10 bucks and on the white kid he did 100 dollars

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  • Can I play with u mate plz

    minecraft - outdoor adventuresminecraft - outdoor adventuresMåned siden
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  • You’re the best NOworld

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  • Why did he donate the white guy 100$ but he donated the 50$ to the black guy 😦😔😟

    wtf am i even doing? i dont even knowwtf am i even doing? i dont even knowMåned siden
  • Why did all the white people got 100 per kill but the black guy only got 10$

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  • This is a banger

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  • Bro Kaidoz your the best, i love your content🔥😍...i wish i was in a vid😢

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  • Not fair that one Persen got 10 dollars and the Others got 100 dollars

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  • I’ll donate 100 dollars if u heart lol

    S P E X ZS P E X ZMåned siden
  • Only ogs knows wett desert

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  • Hes racist he only gave 10 ti the black guy

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  • 0:40 Kaidoz: I think I’m the real Kaidoz?

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  • Do this again but stream snipe them at the same time SOS I'm late

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  • Why did he just donate 10 Dollar per kill to the second guy? Kinda unfair if u ask me

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  • Why did he just donate 10 Dollar per kill to the second guy? Kinda unfair if u ask me (And to other guys too)

    Philipp MeuselPhilipp MeuselMåned siden
  • I love fortnite and im a sweat

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