Fortnite VR For 50 Hours Straight

19. des.. 2020
2 833 074 Ganger

Fortnite VR For 50 Hours Straight
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Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz

  • *Fortnite VR For 50 Hours Straight* sub plz x

    KaidozKaidoz4 måneder siden
    • Plz

      Joemaster PlaysJoemaster Plays29 dager siden
    • I really want a vr but my family is to poor i has an android 🥺a n d we don't have food your my favorite pls give me a vr family thats all I want

      Sheilla IsaacSheilla IsaacMåned siden
    • Y e s

      Leah ContrerasLeah ContrerasMåned siden
    • Sn I will

      SohailGamingSohailGamingMåned siden
    • Joe

      Liam SmithLiam SmithMåned siden
  • So good the best NOworldr in the world is kaidoz

    Sup3r N4th4nSup3r N4th4n16 timer siden
  • Dmfh ghost xhfjc if Schick

    lemareon smithlemareon smith16 timer siden
  • I never played fortnight...

    Gaming with jaymeGaming with jaymeDag siden
    • Ok?

      place holderplace holder10 timer siden
  • What’s the McCall’

    Jose Castro DiazJose Castro DiazDag siden
  • Hahaha fortnite mr beast

    Heath JonesHeath Jones2 dager siden
  • I am subscribed and I have liked most of your videos

    Hot Rod JaxHot Rod Jax2 dager siden
  • hey kaidos

    kocopmoneykocopmoney2 dager siden
  • 50 ill take 0.5 hours no no no nuuuuu

    DrAgOnZDrAgOnZ4 dager siden
  • yo nooo way you find 3 lamas

    Mounir AL BaraziMounir AL Barazi5 dager siden
  • hi bro nice i love you sooooooo mush and good job

    Mounir AL BaraziMounir AL Barazi5 dager siden
  • Omg

    Geovanny MtzGeovanny Mtz6 dager siden
  • Do u have aimbot??

    Tristan GamingTristan Gaming7 dager siden
  • Ludlu I'm a fan

    Carol DanskinCarol Danskin7 dager siden
  • Lol

    Chelsea FCChelsea FC7 dager siden
  • Lomu bot

    Sophia WadeSophia Wade9 dager siden
  • Is it cool in vr

    Calvin McfarlaneCalvin Mcfarlane10 dager siden
  • could u gift my bother zeidler logan the ink pack

    Logan ZeidlerLogan Zeidler10 dager siden
  • Sd

    Emma BlissettEmma Blissett11 dager siden
  • Tb

    Emma BlissettEmma Blissett11 dager siden
  • It said f to open

    Aiden KirkAiden Kirk11 dager siden
  • Liama at 3:40

    BG Crow gamerBG Crow gamer12 dager siden
  • 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠😰😰😭😭

    andg3lo_ blazeikinsandg3lo_ blazeikins17 dager siden
  • Map code?

    secrets_official_kostassecrets_official_kostas18 dager siden

    Magma FrogMagma Frog19 dager siden
  • my guy is reacting to his own gameplay in vr lollll

    OPM RiotyyOPM Riotyy23 dager siden
  • :awesome:

    Angelito MartinezAngelito Martinez25 dager siden
  • [awesome]

    Angelito MartinezAngelito Martinez25 dager siden
  • Stop the bair

    Projekt AshProjekt Ash26 dager siden
  • It looks like he’s using aim bot

    Austin AlbaAustin AlbaMåned siden
  • Only pros watch vr in vr.

    Ughh BarryUghh BarryMåned siden
  • This is mrbeast in solitary confinement

    Blade plays playsBlade plays playsMåned siden
  • Wait you guys know fishyblox? I love his vids

    Seth EllisonSeth EllisonMåned siden
  • Cjimenez2013

    Funny 7 year oldFunny 7 year oldMåned siden
  • U should play vr fortnite more

    Lil Bloxy BlazeLil Bloxy BlazeMåned siden
  • If your still playing keyboard and mouse its not really vr

    Jay C. Unique GamingJay C. Unique GamingMåned siden
  • How did you get Fortnite vr?

    Dec ManDec ManMåned siden
  • Shadical Chechen

    KevinKevinMåned siden
  • I would sub but... I’m already subbed!

    boneboneMåned siden
  • how..?

    The Black BallThe Black BallMåned siden
  • wtf

    The Black BallThe Black BallMåned siden
  • It might be fake

    The Black BallThe Black BallMåned siden
  • 3 Llama

    The Black BallThe Black BallMåned siden
  • Noice

    Pietro GamesPietro GamesMåned siden
  • How is he feeling after that

    Leo GriffinLeo GriffinMåned siden
  • Hi

    Novapurple Among usNovapurple Among usMåned siden
  • Guys I just subscribe to every youtuber 😀😀😀😀

    Info SkorpionInfo SkorpionMåned siden
  • Your so good

    LynToyPlayz GamesLynToyPlayz GamesMåned siden
  • Yes kaidoz the among us was sick it had my favourite NOworldrs you dan d dad and tiko!!!!!!!

    Melissa ClarkMelissa ClarkMåned siden
  • Your yosing ambot

    Adam QuestedAdam QuestedMåned siden
  • That's not really playing in vr

    NINE RUSH ClipsNINE RUSH ClipsMåned siden
  • VR bruh you that’s probably a 4: screen

    K DrizzyK DrizzyMåned siden
  • Season 6 now!(chapter 2)

    TapL BrodaTapL BrodaMåned siden
  • I’m watching this in NOworld vr mode Om my phone

    Alexis SadowskiAlexis SadowskiMåned siden
  • Do people need help in fortnite because I'm a free coach my name is LDLwarrior

    Niccie WoodsNiccie WoodsMåned siden
  • Aimbot

    Ivan gamer familyIvan gamer familyMåned siden
  • Car

    susify ➊susify ➊Måned siden

    One Love.One Love.Måned siden
    • Is fake he has played a game then watched a replay of his game in vr and is saying stuff that is in the gameplay

      Mr straw PlayzzMr straw PlayzzMåned siden
  • Bro I ah e those exact headphones there called Astro 14 or whatever the number is aka for short a14

    Carter TruettCarter TruettMåned siden
    • Have*im terrible at spelling

      Carter TruettCarter TruettMåned siden
  • Who else wan't more of this content

    Derek CosmeDerek CosmeMåned siden
    • I do

      terriney taylorterriney taylorMåned siden
    • We

      terriney taylorterriney taylorMåned siden
  • ok i will sub but can you kive me vebux

    Casey TaylorCasey TaylorMåned siden
  • When he was in the sand he ran past a lama

    Umar VallyUmar VallyMåned siden
  • ...this is a copy..grantthegoat has done the original.

    Sana SaqibSana SaqibMåned siden
  • omg bro

    Deanna GarciaDeanna GarciaMåned siden
  • how did u squish over 2 days in 17 minutes

    Destruct0 Craft308Destruct0 Craft308Måned siden
  • Hi

    Luke MedeirosLuke MedeirosMåned siden
  • Bro why do you do this

    StracGamer 1204StracGamer 1204Måned siden
  • It’s the Minecraft hacker😂😂

    Mega FaggotMega FaggotMåned siden
  • Well mcreamy is better than kaidoz in spotting llamas

    Matthew TarverMatthew TarverMåned siden
  • SUBED!!!!!

    Andrej BakracAndrej BakracMåned siden
  • cap

    Katie HortonKatie HortonMåned siden
    • @Katie Horton k

      OPTICxOPTICxMåned siden
    • @OPTICx it wasn't I was just saying I was joking no hard feelings

      Katie HortonKatie HortonMåned siden
    • @Katie Horton if it was offensive srry i was trying to act cool

      OPTICxOPTICxMåned siden
    • @OPTICx it was just a joke

      Katie HortonKatie HortonMåned siden
    • Just like ur 2 subs

      OPTICxOPTICxMåned siden
  • You look like Faze Blaze when you took it off, who agrees

    Sports MenSports MenMåned siden
  • 13:11 Shadical: Nooooooooooooo

    Mahdi ChoudhuryMahdi ChoudhuryMåned siden
  • Imagine opening a Llama couldn't be me

    BelメBelメMåned siden
  • Amazing video!

    Krishan KaliaKrishan KaliaMåned siden
  • That's pretty horri

    FX ViperFX ViperMåned siden
  • He realized that he was not recording

    Xz graxzXz graxzMåned siden
  • *laughs in Population: One*

    The BoiThe BoiMåned siden
  • The amount of 🧢

    Ben Dover lolBen Dover lolMåned siden
  • No way he don’t have aimbot

    Zack GriffithsZack GriffithsMåned siden
  • Hey do you want to join my video

    Dsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnsonDsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnsonMåned siden
  • Bro your videos are so good

    Dsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnsonDsdsdaslslsddsashan s!ds?s littleJohnsonMåned siden
  • Sooo do i still get the vbucks do

    Alyssa RomeroAlyssa Romero2 måneder siden
  • huh swifty is your friend

    ShubhaShubha2 måneder siden
  • He's a lama x ray

    Batal GmBatal Gm2 måneder siden
  • Wow he is so good

    SpideezSpideez2 måneder siden
  • The among us was insane

    Chaza GamingChaza Gaming2 måneder siden
  • He said his first time in be nope

    Chaza GamingChaza Gaming2 måneder siden
    • Vr

      Chaza GamingChaza Gaming2 måneder siden
  • The music Is the 100 digits of pie🤣🤣

    Liam27Liam272 måneder siden
  • If ur eyes are red it means Ur eyes are pumping more blood

    AnthonyAnthony2 måneder siden
  • can you gift me

    Woody JohnsonWoody Johnson2 måneder siden
  • This would be a dream for me

    John ROUSMANIEREJohn ROUSMANIERE2 måneder siden
  • shadical

    Martin Anthony G. Contigno Jr.Martin Anthony G. Contigno Jr.2 måneder siden
  • Why doesn’t Fortnite have vr support

    Xb9dxXb9dx2 måneder siden
  • Called salty not tilted

    HydraaHydraa2 måneder siden
  • Hardly playing if your sleeping

    HydraaHydraa2 måneder siden
  • Your cracked i wish i was you

    the god wolfthe god wolf2 måneder siden
  • Your craked

    Teddy H011Teddy H0112 måneder siden
  • Kaidoz is Epic!

    ItsUrBoyLeonItsUrBoyLeon2 måneder siden
  • ChrisJ2013

    Christan JenkinsChristan Jenkins2 måneder siden