Fortnite VR For 24 Hours Straight

17. mars. 2020
8 738 732 Ganger

Fortnite VR For 24 Hours Straight
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Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz

  • *Fortnite VR For 24 Hours Straight* subscribe plz 2M x

    KaidozKaidozÅr siden
    • @Eloisa Cordova .

      Supaporn SittichaiSupaporn Sittichai21 dag siden
    • Ols can i ha\ve iphone11

      1jammyboy1jammyboy22 dager siden
    • I watch all ure vids i love them so much add me on fortnite my user is nighttimedon

      1jammyboy1jammyboy22 dager siden
    • @JayRockJones •_• never going to happen

      時年Nequativity時年Nequativity24 dager siden
    • Clickbait!

      ItsAxoItsAxoMåned siden
  • Bro u keep getting head shots and I was saying that ur the Fortnite legend until u got eliminated😬

    Arianna LoeraArianna Loera7 timer siden
  • At 2 56 I thought it was Ali a speaking

    Abdul KhanAbdul Khan3 dager siden
  • You actual scumbag don't shoot people before they can land that's just unfair

    Berzerker GamingBerzerker Gaming11 dager siden
  • Play Fortnitevr

    OG_rainegaderaderOG_rainegaderader12 dager siden
  • It ses that it is 10 minutes

    Patty LynnPatty Lynn12 dager siden
  • I thought this was mr beast 😂😂🤣🤣

    Jude HallidayJude Halliday15 dager siden
  • Boring

    Landon FowlerLandon Fowler18 dager siden
  • Your so good o my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chunkyteo13Chunkyteo1320 dager siden
  • i dont like u,You steal other peoples thumbnails and ideas

    DietDorito52DietDorito5220 dager siden
  • Man used Pexel clips

    FlexedUupFlexedUup21 dag siden
  • I watch all your videos i love them ure funny add me. My name is nighttimedon

    1jammyboy1jammyboy22 dager siden
  • grow up u bender

    Tesco drug dealerTesco drug dealer24 dager siden
  • Yes sir

    Beverly DiBellaBeverly DiBella25 dager siden
  • You just know they’re a pro gamer when they say a workbench is a packapunch haha what a legend

    VR GODVR GOD25 dager siden
  • Stop clickbait

    Projekt AshProjekt Ash27 dager siden
  • Honestly Fortnite would feel good to play but 24 hours is owwwwww

    Ashley CooperAshley Cooper28 dager siden
  • U should play more fr in fortnite

    Lil Bloxy BlazeLil Bloxy BlazeMåned siden
  • u can tell this is fake because this season is 2 seaasons after midas was in the angency. like if u agree.

    iSheDeviliSheDevilMåned siden
    • he was in dooms domain

      iSheDeviliSheDevilMåned siden
  • Oculus buttons aren’t g

    Gabriel KassabGabriel KassabMåned siden
  • Damn bro 😎

    HarlsHarlsMåned siden
  • 😬

    MariaMariaMåned siden
  • Kieran PlaysKieran PlaysMåned siden
  • There was a NOworld that was not joking at all he actually spent 24 hours playing Fortnite the time ended at 24 hours exactly 23

    Star Lord eeeStar Lord eeeMåned siden
  • WOW cool channel man your all out for yt

    Mm GroupMm GroupMåned siden
  • Hi

    Matilde PlaysMatilde PlaysMåned siden
  • Majestic

    Maximus AprestoMaximus AprestoMåned siden
  • I hope u guys know this is fake u cant play fortnite on oculus rift

    OhioturboOhioturboMåned siden
  • Ok 👌🏻 I love it so cute y

    Josue CanalesJosue CanalesMåned siden
  • I have vr and I won

    Rade mateRade mateMåned siden
  • Πως γίνεται να αλλάζεις παιχνίδια και να κοιμάσαι με το vr

    Konstantinos VlassisKonstantinos VlassisMåned siden
  • I watched the vid in vr

    Lets PlayLets PlayMåned siden
  • Kaidoz: “Ok I can’t build really” Also Kaidoz: *continues to build better than me*

    Eli CabadingEli CabadingMåned siden
  • Eeeeeeee

    Kervy MamaradloKervy MamaradloMåned siden
  • This is fake

    Matthew GamingMatthew GamingMåned siden
  • I am o happy for you

    Ruhad 8 years oldRuhad 8 years oldMåned siden
  • ):

    StracGamer 1204StracGamer 1204Måned siden
  • (;

    StracGamer 1204StracGamer 1204Måned siden
  • Watch this for the 2nd team

    Unknown LeeUnknown LeeMåned siden
  • People still watch kaidpz edit - kaidoz

    LX xmistyxLX xmistyxMåned siden
  • Kaidoz : I’m ganna pack a punch this pump

    LettucewastakenLettucewastakenMåned siden
  • Try this with mobile when it comes back

    Ace _ChuckAce _ChuckMåned siden
  • Incident-tune8 Plz Plz

    Mir BalochMir BalochMåned siden
  • I'm 99% sure this is fake

    walter man guy dudewalter man guy dudeMåned siden
    • Ok now i'm 100% its fake

      walter man guy dudewalter man guy dudeMåned siden
  • 😉❤️

    Evil FormulaEvil Formula2 måneder siden
  • Is this oculus or ps4 vr headset

    Whatupfam 763Whatupfam 7632 måneder siden
  • Follow @dannyindatwrldirl

    Dan LarsDan Lars2 måneder siden
  • Yo shoutout zaidoz for the bearsaber me and my cyz are a beast

    Christy LubovichChristy Lubovich2 måneder siden
  • Fake AF “24 hours” bruuhhhhh

    LESS GOO • 6 years ago •LESS GOO • 6 years ago •2 måneder siden
  • You can get cancer or have a seizure if your on for 24 hours straight. Be careful :)

    August MorenoAugust Moreno2 måneder siden
  • How do do go in 'vr on fn

    kwelzinokwelzino2 måneder siden
  • It gonna be hard

    MandaManda2 måneder siden
  • Pretty cool

    #Nectar_CollectR#Nectar_CollectR2 måneder siden
  • hi

    Judy MartinezJudy Martinez2 måneder siden
  • Wow that is harsh ima subscribe and they are so bad for your eyes but ima subscribe

    Alfie HUNTERAlfie HUNTER2 måneder siden
  • Now he can be called a vr player

    Vivaan DamaniVivaan Damani2 måneder siden
  • This is a bad idea because your only allowed to play on a VR in 20 mins

    enda stewartenda stewart2 måneder siden
  • imagine this was ninja playing he would rage

    SketchSketch2 måneder siden
  • 5:13 love the game

    Lahteesha RafterLahteesha Rafter2 måneder siden
  • Him:I am soooooooooooo baddddddddd Me:............. I am not that good

    Levi SellingerLevi Sellinger2 måneder siden
  • FAM I knocked u 5 times in cod bot

    stupegg74stupegg742 måneder siden
  • If you get $1000 if you win $1 million

    LMT KidzLMT Kidz2 måneder siden
  • i am watching this in vr

    Smogs 'n KeyzSmogs 'n Keyz2 måneder siden
  • no sweats

    frozen 0frozen 02 måneder siden
  • hes using netendo server

    frozen 0frozen 02 måneder siden

    Hassan khalidHassan khalid2 måneder siden
  • Is this fake?

    Mannan JainMannan Jain2 måneder siden
  • I you are just donating 1000 dollars to laser beam

    artyarty2 måneder siden
  • THIS IIS FAKE fortnite is not on VR but nice try.

    Joseph13Joseph132 måneder siden
  • Midnight

    Lil PrinceLil Prince2 måneder siden
  • 3:17

    Lil PrinceLil Prince2 måneder siden
  • Anyone else that is watching this in 2021 because I am!

    sawyer or somethingsawyer or something2 måneder siden
  • 4:35 i killed kadoz

    Vibing KitycatVibing Kitycat2 måneder siden
  • Fearless 2.0

    Picklepickles 9000Picklepickles 90002 måneder siden
  • This guy: I spent 24 hours in fortnite vr 8 year olds: pathetic

    I Like to eat the food after i drink the waterI Like to eat the food after i drink the water2 måneder siden
  • Imagine how bad of a headache this guy got the next day

    I Like to eat the food after i drink the waterI Like to eat the food after i drink the water2 måneder siden
  • For me it’s not lies

    Timmy TimmyTimmy Timmy2 måneder siden
  • I played fortnite vr i litery yelled fuck

    Amanda McCreaAmanda McCrea3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Johnathon DimerJohnathon Dimer3 måneder siden
  • if that was me, i would just take it off straight away because i literally only have a default skin on fortnite xd

    DaveotDaveot3 måneder siden
  • Dieser Moment wenn er einen Deutschen killt xD

    MarvinMarvin3 måneder siden
  • I never knew Fortnite was on VR

    Wolfie MoonWolfie Moon3 måneder siden
  • Your terrible at beat saber

    Arthur Keenan-MudrickArthur Keenan-Mudrick3 måneder siden
  • There's actually a closely related fortnite vr game called population one

    GT DragonツGT Dragonツ3 måneder siden
    • @inanotime not for quest (which I know he’s not playing). It came out about 3 months ago.

      xdssz 2xdssz 22 måneder siden
    • Yeah it’s so fun, I’m pretty sure it came out (or at least became popular) a while after this video came out

      inanotimeinanotime2 måneder siden
  • ...

    G3 UniverseG3 Universe3 måneder siden
  • WHY

    G3 UniverseG3 Universe3 måneder siden
  • I did this before and after 24 hours I took off the vr headset and I got blind

    Spiky_PlayzSpiky_Playz3 måneder siden
  • 5:37

    박롤 애 인박롤 애 인3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Gerri BrattonGerri Bratton3 måneder siden
  • Imagine being a fortnight loser

    Brianna MorrisBrianna Morris3 måneder siden
  • He just put it in were he cud se the gray screen

    Gaby FigueroaGaby Figueroa3 måneder siden
  • He’s complaining that he’s been in gr for only 3 hours and his eyes are starting to hurt bruh I’ve once been In br for 12 hours

    D32mo0nd ED32mo0nd E3 måneder siden
  • 9:03 Imagine calling a drum gun a minimum

    Light abyssLight abyss3 måneder siden
  • When my sister play VR when back to normal everything is so bright

    Horn PhearyHorn Pheary3 måneder siden
  • why he say midas like midass

    Senge !Senge !3 måneder siden
  • This the guy seeing me play

    Alex JaimesAlex Jaimes3 måneder siden
  • You guys know it’s fake right

    Colin WeeksColin Weeks3 måneder siden
  • I did not like this vid it made me sad bro

    Wilhelmino Nicolasora IIIWilhelmino Nicolasora III3 måneder siden
  • OMG :0

    Angel robloxAngel roblox3 måneder siden
  • u cant play fortnite in vr lol

    Roman PeterlinRoman Peterlin3 måneder siden