Extreme $1,000 Fortnite Hide & Seek - Challenge

4. mai. 2020
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Extreme $1,000 Fortnite Hide & Seek - Challenge
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  • *Extreme $1,000 Fortnite Hide & Seek - Challenge* subscribe for more epic vids

    KaidozKaidozÅr siden
    • Videos lava thousand video I love it 1003 I love this videoIt's a fact for me

      Lola The PuppyLola The Puppy3 måneder siden
    • I’m your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Skye8937 On XboxSkye8937 On Xbox8 måneder siden
    • Hy

      Tony NobleTony Noble10 måneder siden
    • Best video

      Nicola AmisNicola Amis10 måneder siden
    • Hi

      Boss NewmanBoss Newman10 måneder siden

    Cheesy VCheesy V2 måneder siden
  • OMG you copied Mr beast's thumbnail for one of his extreme hide and seek videos, chandler was excactly were Midas is in this thumbnail and Jimmy was where kaidoz was doing the exact same pose

    Thunder KidThunder Kid2 måneder siden
  • You're so good at keeping a mouse😜😜😜😜❤️💔💌💌💌💌💌💌💌❤️❤️💙💙💙💙❤️💙💙❤️💙❤️💔😌💔💙💔💙💔💙💔💙💔💔❤️💙❤️💙💔💙❤️💙❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️💙💔💙❤️💙💙❤️💙❤️💙💔🎙 do you have this🎙

    Lola The PuppyLola The Puppy3 måneder siden
  • lol i was the deadpool that was following you

    Ghozt CamperGhozt Camper3 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Footie 1610Footie 16103 måneder siden
  • You copied Mr beast thumbnail He did the same in one of his hide and seeks

    TRGTRG3 måneder siden
  • It got that Mr beast hidden seek thumbnail lol

    DesmondDesmond4 måneder siden
  • The tite is like mrbeast 70,000 hide and seek but your video is better than mr beast

    op pragadeshop pragadesh4 måneder siden
  • Mrbeast type intro

    Swordcast StudiosSwordcast Studios5 måneder siden
  • Ik

    ItzliquseItzliquse6 måneder siden
  • I subscribe I will like video and use your star code

    Hassan IbrahimHassan Ibrahim6 måneder siden
  • Was my dad in that lobby I still can’t find him😔

    ϟ VLONE ϟϟ VLONE ϟ7 måneder siden
  • Bro you took mrbeast thumbnail

    Victoria JohnsonVictoria Johnson7 måneder siden
  • budget mrbeast

    RebootpapiRebootpapi7 måneder siden
  • What about the nutcracker

    tay spencertay spencer7 måneder siden
  • Who’s watching in chapter 2 season 4

    Skye8937 On XboxSkye8937 On Xbox8 måneder siden
  • You know you kinda copied mrbeast from the thumbnail.

    -FROSTY--FROSTY-8 måneder siden
  • I had the worst hiding spot

    BlakeBlake8 måneder siden
  • Hey bro I'm in your game I'm the skeleton person I'm purple

    XMATTSUNXMATTSUN8 måneder siden
  • I love how no one is asking about what happend to the golden nut cracker

    Humaid ZaidHumaid Zaid8 måneder siden
  • Why Is the thumbnail have kaidoz as mr beast and that gold dude chandler ;-;

    ClutchYTClutchYT8 måneder siden
  • Oh my days

    Aidan 123Aidan 1238 måneder siden
  • Who notice the thumbnail looks like mr beasts

    potatopotato8 måneder siden
  • Hi kaidoz I have watched all of your video's love to meet you some day keep up the work stay strong bro 💪

    Eva mae BoydellEva mae Boydell8 måneder siden
  • You stole the thumbnail from a MrBeast video

    SnapshotTrex GamingSnapshotTrex Gaming8 måneder siden
  • This fucker copied mrbeast and made it this bullshit

    geometry dashergeometry dasher9 måneder siden
  • If you see mrbeast 70000 dollar hide in seek its the same picture

    Meme PersonMeme Person9 måneder siden
  • How to join this

    RandomGuyRandomGuy9 måneder siden
  • What if a bot got in and hei won? Would the 2n person real person get the money

    RunningDoritoBoiRunningDoritoBoi9 måneder siden

    RZRLimeRZRLime9 måneder siden
  • How do you enter one of them challenges?

    Agnieszka HyzyAgnieszka Hyzy9 måneder siden
  • Bootleg mr beast thumbnail

    Bruh MomentioBruh Momentio10 måneder siden
  • U copied mr beasts vid he did the same.

    Toni ToniToni Toni10 måneder siden
  • So good

    Alisa GiovannielloAlisa Giovanniello10 måneder siden
  • I loved this video kaidoz

    Boz GalaxyBoz Galaxy10 måneder siden
  • What is the music called at 9:31 just want to know XD

    Knife SkyKnife Sky10 måneder siden
  • U killed me in a pubs just now kaidoz

    Woke ϟWoke ϟ10 måneder siden
  • Mr beast challenge in a nutshell

    Kaden AnimationsKaden Animations10 måneder siden
  • me and my team mate just killed u in one shot xd our usernames are mongraal lol

    pewcow SG5pewcow SG510 måneder siden
  • Johnses looks like you

    Zoom RadiusZoom Radius10 måneder siden

    sis vs bro channelsis vs bro channel10 måneder siden
  • He used the same thumbnail as Mrbeast like if I am right.

  • How aim assist is now 8:48 how aim assist used to be 6:28 and 8:55

    Spider ManSpider Man10 måneder siden
  • I mean kaidoz

    Dr DunerDr Duner10 måneder siden
  • Kai Sox thanks for hosting

    Dr DunerDr Duner10 måneder siden
  • L

    Tekila WilliamsTekila Williams10 måneder siden
  • That default can by a skin now lol

    Waylon HortonWaylon Horton10 måneder siden
  • Cool 😎 was the best game ever

    JOHN BROOJOHN BROO10 måneder siden
  • u stole the same thumbnail from one of mrbeasts hide n seek videos but it's a fortnite version

    ken kanekiken kaneki10 måneder siden
  • Filmora 9 is nice

    perronperron10 måneder siden
  • I haven't watched you on 5 months and not gonna lie your voice is squeekier

    TopDinoDa1TopDinoDa110 måneder siden
  • add fredo_rob25

    Patricia CowlesPatricia Cowles10 måneder siden
  • My friends are all fans and my friend even wears ur skin

    Hugo FrameHugo Frame10 måneder siden
  • Plz heart my comment it will make me happy 😃

    Hugo FrameHugo Frame10 måneder siden
  • So fun

    staticEmsstaticEms10 måneder siden
  • my epic is fiishychiip, if u host another hide n seek vid, plz freind me and make me join k? lol

    GamingWithQGamingWithQ10 måneder siden
  • I wish kaidoz is my brother

    Fadeless LynxFadeless Lynx10 måneder siden
  • I’m droF 13

    Becca AbercrombieBecca Abercrombie10 måneder siden
  • 100

    Dynamic DuoDynamic Duo10 måneder siden
  • Sure about 10l players hiding

    Dynamic DuoDynamic Duo10 måneder siden
  • Kaidoz you gotta play the og music🤣

    Maalik DanielsMaalik Daniels10 måneder siden
  • You basically took mrbeast thumbnail you piece of crap you just steal content and make fake videos you are basically ghost ninja and mr to 5 combined

    Furno Does the thingsFurno Does the things10 måneder siden
  • Unicorn unicorn and dragon 🐉 and dragon 🐉 are my favourite game and the game dragon 🐉 I have a yes yes it wursffgdtdt

    TRASHTRASH10 måneder siden
  • Liar Liar. Pants. On. Fire

    TRASHTRASH10 måneder siden
  • ''''!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRASHTRASH10 måneder siden
  • Mr beast had the same thumb nail

    Lucas StevensLucas Stevens10 måneder siden
  • I literally use Filmora

    EziSmackEziSmack11 måneder siden
  • i wish i could

    Bray McBray Mc11 måneder siden
  • No one found the golden nutcracker

    Ruari EgalRuari Egal11 måneder siden
  • Your acting on running past the guy at the rocks pretty bad who would believe you wouldn't see her

    Cade MilburnCade Milburn11 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail so clickbait

    Cade MilburnCade Milburn11 måneder siden
  • He pronounced Midas mid-ass

    Torren Murray2Torren Murray211 måneder siden
  • Your og

    OmgItsGurmukh SOmgItsGurmukh S11 måneder siden
  • 4:56 I don’t see enough movement

    Daniel WilsonDaniel Wilson11 måneder siden
  • Filmora is trash cause of the water mark

    Jimmy_WJimmy_W11 måneder siden
  • lol

    Lucas NielsenLucas Nielsen11 måneder siden
  • The default now can buy the battle pass

    Alejandra SolanoAlejandra Solano11 måneder siden
  • Can u please add me

    Colin GouldColin Gould11 måneder siden
  • Can you please add me epic Spann savage

    Shirley SpannShirley Spann11 måneder siden
  • Does ANYONE notice he took MrBeast’s hide and seek thumbnail and made it into a fortnite version.

    Rusty GamingRusty Gaming11 måneder siden
  • Sorry but u copyed mrbeast thumbnail

    Cool AppsCool Apps11 måneder siden
  • the default must be happy ;)

    Aryan Chhetri VIAAryan Chhetri VIA11 måneder siden
  • i won ;)

    Mr PicklechinMr Picklechin11 måneder siden
  • If I ever do this I would go high in a helicopter

    G-man BG-man B11 måneder siden
  • Dude when r u doin this again so I can come!!!

    G-man BG-man B11 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail is exactly like mrbeast hide and seek but in fortnite😂

    BlackstormBlackstorm11 måneder siden
  • i was the ranigade ranger who won

    Im ERRORIm ERROR11 måneder siden
  • i like your vidios

    Mark WoodsMark Woods11 måneder siden
  • I have hit the subscribe button

    shadow idiotshadow idiot11 måneder siden
  • you too got the duos kill record

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  • at the start it was season one and in the video it was season 2 wtf??

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  • 5:46 !?!?!?

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  • Hi I hope you’re having fun with lots of love and happiness and

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  • Morning hun hope you’re doing well and

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