Asking Celebrities To Play Fortnite With Me Until One Responds

11. april. 2020
9 306 042 Ganger

Asking Celebrities To Play Fortnite With Me Until One Responds
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Video uploaded & owned by Kaidoz
~Thanks Kaidoz

  • *Asking Celebrities To Play Fortnite With Me Until One Responds* subscribe for luck x

    KaidozKaidozÅr siden
    • @Peggy Palmer y dodymylove12 dager siden
    • No

      Peggy PalmerPeggy Palmer12 dager siden
    • X ssdd

      Peggy PalmerPeggy Palmer12 dager siden
    • @Zyzy Lol 7 dodymylove24 dager siden
    • Hi

      Zyzy LolZyzy Lol24 dager siden
  • Nice 👑

    ᏢᎾᎳᎬᏒ ᏢᏒᎾ ツᏢᎾᎳᎬᏒ ᏢᏒᎾ ツDag siden
  • Being a soccer fan I was kinda offended that he didn't know pulisic

    J 08J 08Dag siden
    • @Amine ThBT I mean he is still like the face of us soccer

      J 08J 08Dag siden
    • Come on he's a gamer, so are we so how do you expect anyone to know who Pulisic is?

      Amine ThBTAmine ThBTDag siden
  • W chandler not w me sadly

    Brennan DarbyBrennan Darby3 dager siden
  • I had Jimmy play once

    Brennan DarbyBrennan Darby3 dager siden
  • It voice seems a little fake

    HEART NETHEART NET4 dager siden
  • Mr beast is the best

    Cody JacksonCody Jackson7 dager siden
  • Fake dreke x is better

    Dario OrlandoDario Orlando8 dager siden
  • Eminem is dead

    shayan kirk tvshayan kirk tv10 dager siden
  • Fake

    casper Kronborgcasper Kronborg11 dager siden
  • I got killed bye Addison rae

    lazar beamlazar beam11 dager siden
  • Waididiopikaksmmmmmmi

    Leo OLeo O11 dager siden
  • Watching this made my day even better. He’s playing with a celebrity and my brother is actually working for a celebrity by cleaning there house 3 times a week.

    Roman ReignsRoman Reigns14 dager siden
  • did billie actually respond. im to lazy to watch the whole video

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin14 dager siden
  • i love billie

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin14 dager siden
  • The clickbait tho🤣🤣🤣🖐️🖐️🖐️

    wholesom_twholesom_t15 dager siden
  • PhoOshopped

    Apom TaylorApom Taylor15 dager siden
  • imagine not knowing dr.lupo

    brysonplayzbrysonplayz17 dager siden
  • Epic ice_elephant1234

    marcu smarcu s17 dager siden
  • He has talked to Ariana granda before wtf

    Nina GamesNina Games18 dager siden
  • How tf is James corden, or whatever tf his name was, actually a FAMOUS celebrity?

    Pontaloo is good lolPontaloo is good lol18 dager siden
  • I like how he said tefu for tofu!🤣🤣

    Brooklyn JonesBrooklyn Jones19 dager siden
  • Fun fact: Arianna sent him a heart emoji at 4:28

    Broy 147Broy 14719 dager siden
  • He was just worrying about photoshop😂😂😂

    boba tea波巴茶boba tea波巴茶19 dager siden
  • I love how i didnt know who Ian dior was

    Jaxson CurnowJaxson Curnow20 dager siden
  • ummm... its the 👉👈🥺 for me

    Shatavia WardShatavia Ward20 dager siden
  • Big head in both photo shops

    Matthew GallagherMatthew Gallagher20 dager siden
  • The guy on the left with ninja is Christan pulisic he is a soccer player

  • You are a bum hole

    Jakes next adventureJakes next adventure23 dager siden
  • Tfue looks like you I swear it

    Mawskidutch TachrafteMawskidutch Tachrafte23 dager siden
  • Press alt F4 to get free robux

    XzXXzX24 dager siden
  • why is he playing season 2 chapter 2 even if its season 6 already

    NearNear24 dager siden
  • Can you add me my name is TrowingCrane73

    Dan TestDan Test24 dager siden
  • i love fortnite

    Allie WilsonAllie Wilson25 dager siden
  • Fake

    Savion LakeSavion Lake27 dager siden
  • Hi

    Teresa MatthewsTeresa Matthews27 dager siden
  • 1:50 Christian pulisic

    Joshua RobinsonJoshua Robinson27 dager siden
  • minute 1:49 the person that you photosopped is a soccer player haha

    Emilio 7Emilio 727 dager siden
  • That was faze rug

    Armaan MohammedArmaan Mohammed29 dager siden
  • He’s texted Ariana before

    Digatal ShadowDigatal ShadowMåned siden
  • Clickbaot Edit: 200% clickbait what a scam

    Isaac TanIsaac TanMåned siden
  • No space

    Yousef AliYousef AliMåned siden
  • Can you add me my name in Fortnite is Amar Ali1978

    Yousef AliYousef AliMåned siden
  • Hi

    jack winderjack winderMåned siden
  • This would be better if you asked them to play Halo 3.

    Ivex ProIvex ProMåned siden
  • Oil yaggty

    James SumnerJames SumnerMåned siden
  • i like

    the maori sisters Tipenethe maori sisters TipeneMåned siden
  • waiit whaaaaaaaat did u and ari text?

    TuanaTuanaMåned siden
  • What them little messages whith Ariana granda

    Edit pro Keyboard and mouseEdit pro Keyboard and mouseMåned siden
  • Im 156k like

    Petar GamingPetar GamingMåned siden
  • I was 150

    AJ GamerAJ GamerMåned siden
  • That guy that you keep on saying I don't know who he is that's Christian pulisic the 60 million football player for Chelsea

    Samantha JohnsonSamantha JohnsonMåned siden
  • Little do they know it Photoshop

    Arlo PlayzArlo PlayzMåned siden
  • Clickbait thumbnail you put everytime I hate you ♥️

    greasy gamergreasy gamerMåned siden
  • The ppl that said it was photoshopped probably watched this vid and commented it lol

    Braceface IndyBraceface IndyMåned siden
  • eeeehhh ooooohhhhh i just killed a bot

    Aaron AufgangAaron AufgangMåned siden
  • Pov: you wonder y t5g is here

    Rhemy WagnerRhemy WagnerMåned siden
  • Kaidoz: I’m going to photoshop my face on this guys face Little does he know that’s Christian.Pulisic

    Sacked91 Lastman91Sacked91 Lastman91Måned siden
  • XllltheonelllX_

    Aidan VasquezAidan VasquezMåned siden
  • Do Travis Scott

    Kristen GettisKristen GettisMåned siden
  • Can you stay up all night

    Kristen GettisKristen GettisMåned siden
  • Thank you next

    Kristen GettisKristen GettisMåned siden
  • I sub

    Leah WellsLeah WellsMåned siden
  • Disrespecting my g pulisic

    saucEfinbaR_saucEfinbaR_Måned siden
  • Hi

    Jessica LindJessica LindMåned siden
  • Your not funny, doing this stuff isn’t ok, what if they are really bussy and not just that but that photo shop isn’t nice what if he got that photo because he had cancer of any disease! You can’t keep on doing that you need to stop because your not funny and your not you will never be!

    Diego Ventura RochaDiego Ventura RochaMåned siden
  • Sami zane

    Tanner MorganTanner MorganMåned siden
  • Me when him and Arriana have been texting me when i see red at the end id that-❤

    snoring abdulsnoring abdulMåned siden
  • 🙁🧐🙄😒😏😑

    Vanessa Brown-HarrisonVanessa Brown-HarrisonMåned siden
  • 4:27 oh my god you talked to her online before?

    Spl4shSpl4shMåned siden
  • Please ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    IAmBozoIAmBozoMåned siden
  • Why do you have to capitalize the first letter in that words

    Private s00pPrivate s00pMåned siden
  • Fuckin CRINGY ass content my guy

    LoluglgLoluglgMåned siden
  • Oh my Days Man This is so crazy

    Monke together StrongMonke together StrongMåned siden
  • who the hell says mrbeast aint a celebrity???

    fireb gamingfireb gamingMåned siden
  • hi ****/

    Abdulaziz MohamedAbdulaziz MohamedMåned siden
  • There is no celebrity who doesn’t game who can beat me in fortnite

    Prod ELFProd ELF2 måneder siden
  • How does he not know who Christian Pulisic is

    JB PlaysJB Plays2 måneder siden
  • lol funny af

    Rachel AndersonRachel Anderson2 måneder siden
  • Chelsea

    TSM jake458TSM jake4582 måneder siden
  • The guy is called Christian pulisic he plays for the team I support chelses

    TSM jake458TSM jake4582 måneder siden
  • Christian pulisic offended when he realised that the great Kaidoz called him that guy

    Profootball SadProfootball Sad2 måneder siden
  • YEP

    David JablonskiDavid Jablonski2 måneder siden
  • man doesn't know who Pulisic is

    Cheater KCheater K2 måneder siden
  • Who is ninja?

    Stevie YoungstaStevie Youngsta2 måneder siden
  • Lazar Ema never heard of him obviously not that famous

    SuperZlayerSuperZlayer2 måneder siden
  • Yea you look like Tfue kinda but I like the photoshop make a fish standing by him jk you don’t need to

    LEXALEXA2 måneder siden
  • what's that edit app called?

    Anus KontAnus Kont2 måneder siden
  • Ninja left the chat

    Mateja ZaricMateja Zaric2 måneder siden
  • At 9:14 thats me and my nephew 😂 we found this randomly! Wish we had the clip!

    JoseJose2 måneder siden
  • Why is that you have a text that is blurd

    Infinityblades ForeverInfinityblades Forever2 måneder siden
  • 👍👉👟

    Irmina KulpaIrmina Kulpa2 måneder siden
  • What app was it was it photo shop?

    Ella RoseElla Rose2 måneder siden
  • Btw kadoiz got into a lazarbeam qna with ilsa so lazar has a good chance of responding

    Sahar DaviesSahar Davies2 måneder siden
  • My favorite is mr beast

    nice boynice boy2 måneder siden
  • can me and u play fortnite on march 2or 3 or 8th

    Jayden HillJayden Hill2 måneder siden
  • 🔥

    Thawng MangThawng Mang2 måneder siden
  • Ninja is cracked at fornite

    Thawng MangThawng Mang2 måneder siden
  • 4:28 that looks like a heart .

    Alaa OmarAlaa Omar2 måneder siden
  • Lol i press the *video* and a *fornite* ad came up

    JisooJichuJisooJichu2 måneder siden